Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Traditions

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We started a love chain about 3 christmases ago, as part of a new tradition to focus on giving and others (instead of new toys and spending extra money). I keep a bucket of colorful strips of paper, and pens, on a table. Then everytime someone does something "nice" for someone OR has a kind thought about someone else, they write or draw about it on a strip, and we attach it to the end of the chain. We attach them one night a week, and hung the chain around our front room. We kept ours for 2 years, but we are starting a new one this year, after some sort of natural disaster occured... the point is to encourage selfless acts and new memories that will last longer than that action figure! And practically free decorating as a bonus!

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Heidi Boos said...

I really like how this focuses less on "things" and more on people, giving, and sharing love. Thanks for the idea!