Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Simple Service And Tippin' Tuesday

If you and your family are interested in donating money to a charitable organization, that is great! But, you should probably do a bit of homework to make sure that the designated charity is legitimate, and not into anything that you would be uncomfortable with. I found a few spots that can help you decide (hopefully easier) if that organization you want to help out, is worth your money. Here they are:

*charitywatch.org: the American Institue of Philanthropy has a grading system based on several items, including the % of money donated that is ACTUALLY used for that charity.
*charitynavigator.org: also has a stringent grading scale; links to many charities along with links to similar ones, so you can find an organization like one you are already donating to.
*the Better Business Bureau is always a handy to place check out ANY business.
*charity-charities.org: is an international database with TONS of charities. A good place to start looking for an organization, but use one of the above mentioned site to gather more information.
*also, don't forget your local church. The one you attend, or the one around the corner, is certain to have needs open for the filling!

I hope this helps those of you who have the desire to donate funds to a local charity, let's all keep on giving anyway that we can!

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