Monday, December 29, 2008

Simple Service

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I want to have my family do service. Lots. And different kinds so they get to have a wide-range of experiences. But honestly, I am all flustered up-on-top, and so I often space even the most basic of tasks (dinner?) and trying to think of interesting things to do with my children can be arduous at times. So I am totally excited to tell you about this website that I found:, is a site that has tools to help you find service in your area, in a variety of categories. There is a special one for holiday giving, one for random acts (the easiest option to get your family going) and several others. You can choose to click on the family category or one of the many additional ones. For example, if you have a playgroup that you participate with, you can use the parent/community group choice to help your band of merry-makers find something you can all do together. Everyone wants to help out, and I know it can be difficult to plan something along with all the other feats you are undertaking in your homes. So, use this site to get you going, and maybe your family can achieve more giving in this upcoming New Year!

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