Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lizzy's Favorite Beauty Products

Apparently I'm not a brand loyalist when it comes to beauty products. My favorite beauty products tend to change. Here are a few things that are staples in my bathroom cabinet:

Rubbing Alcohol

I actually use rubbing alcohol in lieu of deodorant. It kills the germs that cause the stink without ruining clothes or adding another layer of perfumey smell. I've been using this technique for 5 months and people still want to stand close to me!

Neutrogena Face Bar

I've used this bar to wash my face for over 10 years. It takes the make up off and is gentle. Bonus: my husband uses it too. I love that one $3.00 bar lasts me 6 months.

Bath and Body Works Body Cream

I love love love the richness of this lotion that also smells delicious! My hubby gave me a gift card to pick some new scents out and right now these are on sale for $6, so I think I'll go stock up for the year.

One more: trendy eyeshadow. No brand preference for me on this item, I just love getting new eyeshadow a couple times a year in up to date colors. Santa brought me a nice black, silver, white palette that I'm loving!

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christy said...

someone i know switched to using hand sanitizer for her deoderant, because of the alcohol in it. so far so good for her too.