Monday, March 31, 2008

How to be a Mom and Still...Shower!

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so, maybe you are laughing at this title? but i am willing to venture that most of you are just thinking: yes, finally! how is that accomplished? hee, hee! being and feeling clean is second only to having enough sleep and sadly as a mom of 4, i have had many days without a shower of any kind. now, everyone has a day or 2 when a shower is impossible, sick kids, missing hubbies, you know the drill. BUT i am not discussing those days. this post is merely for the SEEMINGLY impossible showerless days. i have tried all of these at some point, and some are better than others!

*for tiny babies: put them in the swing, and move the swing to your bathroom, or right outside the door, and keep it open so you can hear and peek at them!
*also for tiny non-squirmy babies: place a beanbag in the bathroom and lay the baby in the very middle. this is for super fast showers only!
*join a gym with daycare! bonus: you get to exercise if you want!
*for older kids: put on cartoons, and hop in with the baby monitor set up to listen to them. if you have a front door (everyone) make sure you have a deadbolt latched higher than the child can POSSIBLY ever reach. install one if you don't have one. even if you rent. the landlords will not be upset. (you do NOT want to run outside in a towel chasing down your child, no matter how rockin' your body is!)
*get up earlier than humanly possible
*take your kids with you! i shower (not all the time) with my 5 year old, and my 2 year old. and, no, they don't touch and stare like you might think. i plug up the tub, dump in some toys, then i get to clean up while they play. then it's there turn! bonus: all the splashing stays inside, and you are already wet!
*shower after the kids are in bed. this can also be used as part of date night...!
*buy some washrags and scrub all your "parts". hey, it's better than nothing!

that's the end of my ideas, however random they might be! so, ladies let's do our part for a cleaner world, and shower it up!

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Sarah said...

I love all those ideas. I usually put Jacob outside the shower in his play chair with the door open. I can only imagine how it will be when he's old enough to start moving around.