Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bring out the puppets

There are not too many activities that my kids get excited about doing while I sit back an watch. Puppet shows are a huge exception to this general rule. My kids love to drag out our puppet box and perform medieval tales, puppy tricks and pirate attacks. 

Bringing puppets to the lap is so easy! Finger puppets are adorable and mesmerizing. I keep a stash in my church bag. I bought mine at Ikea on the cheap and right now the collection is ocean critters.

I'm so jealous if your live by an Ikea and can go pick a set of these cuties up for a whopping $5.99!!

Or you can make your own puppet.
I love this barn glove pupper from Make and Takes. Find directions here.

Whether you sing songs, tell favorite stories or make up your own tale, puppets are super fun!

1 comment:

Marie said...

Thanks for the link love. Those glove puppets are super easy to make and my kids are still playing with them. You can never have too many puppets.