Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How to be a Mom and Still...Date Your Husband!

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when was the last time you spent actual time with your husband? maybe you did the dishes together over the weekend? did you get a couple massage a few days ago? sooo funny. but actually a little sad, huh? we are in full swing finals for dental school as i type this, which translates into a get out of bed push in the morning, maybe a text for lunch, and few moments squeezed in at dinner, then a peck as he heads out the door (often the lips have to be reminded to peck). we are in serious crunch time, so i can't honestly expect a lot, but it is a regular circus in our home most of the time with 4 kids and all the activities that we all participate in, not to mention a serious lack of dating funds to cover babysitting and dinners at the same time. my man and i regularly have our date night on friday, and usually at our home. we are blessed to have children hit the sack by 7:30, which gives us plenty of adult time. so what do we do?

*glenn picks up dinner on the way home, and we "eat out" post kid bedtime
*invite friends over to play games
*go to bed (i am not elaborating)

we do leave home occasionally, and sometimes have to spring for a paid sitter, but there are things we, and you, can do to get out with forking over a load.

*swap with other friends. i like to invite a mom over to my house, as my kids go to sleep before the sitter shows up, and the mom gets an evening of quiet.
*instead of trading babysitting services, offer something. for example i give massages (fully trained) and my hubby has mad drywall skills. cooking and cleaning are definitely fantastic options.
*make friends with couples who are not parents yet (this is cheating i know) then they can always come to your house to play!
*if you go to church, sometimes there are girls looking to give service, and voila! you are fully prepared to help her out!
*check out the neighbor girl, maybe she gets into trouble a lot, and her parents are looking for a new punishment? this one might require locking a few things (including your kids) up, and a good deal of praying, but if you are desperate...

your marriage is crazy important! remember that at one time, and hopefully still, you were madly in love with each other. keep doing things for each other, and spending alone time weekly to allow your relationship the time it deserves to expand and blossom (that sounds a bit cheesy, sorry) will most certainly make for a happier home and a happier you! what do you think?


Lizzy @ The Tip Spot said...

I've always wanted to do a book club with Patrick. That hasn't happened yet but I still love the idea. One of my favorite dates, is cooking anew meal together and having a HOT and QUIET dinner together.

abbyjane said...

We've really enjoyed the child swap with other friends. And the occasional paid babysitter--2 hours of paid babysitting once in a while is not that much of a splurge.

kristenita said...

I am with abbyjane & also think spending money on a babysitter is worth it! great marriage insurance - cheaper than therapy later, for sure! you can always do something free/cheap while you are out. & yes, getting out without the kiddos WEEKLY is such a great recharge & needed boost (oh yeah, THAT'S why we got married...)!

for staying in, we love to get a movie or play games or just TALK to each other. we try to set aside US time & make it special - no phones no computers... just us being TOGETHER.