Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Closet Tip Numero Uno

Remember the episode of Seinfeld when Jerry's closet friend suggest this:

"Here's what I'm proposing. We'll eliminate all this, the bar, the hangers, the shelves and in its place we'll install a series of hooks! We'll put everything on hooks!"

Well, I really think there is something to this! See my husband has this pants policy. He wears pants two days in a row (unless a food drip foils his plan) and doesn't think that folding the pants and putting back on the shelf the first night is necessary. I do. So it's a constant pants battle.

"Honey, where are my jeans?"

"In the closet...where they go."

"But I'm wearing them again today."

"I know. They go in the closet at night."

"But I'm wearing them again today!"

So this week, when my hubby returns home, he will open up his side of the closet and see a compromise. A pants hook. Change, wallet, candy wrappers and receipts will all stay put and more importantly, the pants will be off the floor.

This idea works for PJ's, sweatshirts, or another other article that seems to gravitate to closet floors instead of shelves.

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